About us

Welcome to the Folkestone & Hythe Constituency Labour Party.

Our constituency covers an area stretching from Folkestone to the east, to New Romney to the west, and the Elham Valley to the north.

Getting involved as an active member of your local Labour Party can be daunting, confusing and unfamiliar to new members. This short guide will hopefully help to clarify how things work in our local Party and how you can get involved and help us turn Shepway red!

Getting active in your local Party is a great way to:
• Meet other Labour Party members — and make new like-minded friends — in your local area
• Bring new ideas and enthusiasm to your local Party
• Make your voice heard in shaping the direction of the Party and Party policy
• Organise local campaigns and get Labour’s message out to your local community
• Help Labour win local and general elections!

Our Constituency Labour Party

The Constituency Labour Party, or CLP, is the locus of local party activity, and is made up from all Labour members who live in our constituency. Folkestone and Hythe CLP is a fantastic group of active, open and welcoming members, who are working hard to make a difference locally as well as changing the political landscape nationally.

The CLP is run on a day-to-day level by a group called the Executive Committee (EC). The Executive Committee is elected by members each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and it is made up of local members who are elected as officers and affiliated delegates. It is responsible for taking decisions in between the All Members’ Meetings, or as an executive body in its own right. Click here for further information about the roles and responsibilities of executive members.

We hold regular All Members’ Meetings (AMM) to which every member in our constituency is invited and to have your vote on issues. Meetings are held on the third Saturday in January, March, May, July (social), September, November and December (social).


As our constituency covers a wide area with different challenges, our CLP is divided into six Branches. If you are a Labour member, you can attend your local Branch meetings, your Branch AGM (where your Branch Officers are usually elected) and council candidate selection meetings.

You can also submit a motion to your Branch, and if it passes it will go to the next CLP AMM meeting. If the AMM votes for the motion it will either go to the Local Campaign Forum or to Labour’s National Policy Forum.

Your Branch is your first port of call for getting involved. Find out about your Branch’s next meeting and go along.

Which Branch am I in?

Elham Valley Branch
Covers North Downs West ward

East Folkestone Branch
Covers Folkestone East and Folkestone Harbour wards

Central Folkestone Branch
Covers Broadmead and Folkestone Central wards

Sandgate Branch
Covers Sandgate, Cheriton and West Folkestone wards

Hythe Branch
Covers Hythe and Rural Hythe wards

Romney Marsh Branch
Covers New Romney, Romney Marsh, Walland and Denge Marsh wards

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