Folkestone and Hythe Council Elections: Labour announces full slate of candidates

Folkestone and Hythe Labour Party has announced that it is fielding a full slate of candidates in this year’s local elections. In addition to contesting all 30 district council seats, the party is also fielding candidates for town and parish councils.

Labour have been building support locally, making gains in town council by-elections; in the 2017 General Election the number of people voting Labour more than doubled since 2015. Almost 1 in 3 of voters voted Labour in 2017 making Labour the only viable opposition to the Tories.

Michelle Dorrell (left) and Laura Davison (right)

Co-chairs of Folkestone and Hythe Labour Party, Laura Davison and Michelle Dorrell, released the statement: “We have consulted with residents and community groups throughout the District. They have told us they want change, and are sick and tired of being ignored, abandoned and treated with contempt by Conservative councillors. We will expand local democracy, transparency and include voters’ opinions on big decisions, such as new developments and high cost investments. Labour is organised, positive and will deliver change. We have a manifesto which prioritises people and investing in a sustainable local economy. When elected we will ensure the voices of the whole community are listened to and acted upon, including in abandoned areas like Romney Marsh and where government cuts are inflicting untold misery and damage.”

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