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Ray Field and Nicola Keen

Ray Field and Nicola Keen

Ray Field

I am standing in the local elections because I believe that it is important and essential that we fund our hospitals and schools and make sure we have proper recruitment and retention policies to keep our services local to our town.

This election is about standing up for the people and delivering policies that work for our local communities also protecting our town from developments that do not consider our infrastructure. It seems however that the Conservatives are happy to sit back and watch whilst the needs of the town and its people are neglected. I feel it is time for change, time to elect a local person who understands the problems we face and won’t take no for an answer.

I have lived and worked in Folkestone since 1995. I studied at London Met University and qualified as a Senior Advocate in 2011. Since then I have successfully represented many Folkestone residents in industry and commerce in both Employment and Benefits Tribunals.  I am an experienced, confident, tenacious and strong negotiator. My advice is clear, succinct and to-the-point. It is based on in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of legislation and case-law. I have both a positive and dynamic approach.

If elected I would use my experience and skills to deal with all local issues and work in an honest and transparent manner to achieve the best outcome for everyone I represent and campaign every day for all the important services for all those that live in our community.

Action speaks louder than words, Vote Field and Keen to ensure consultation is meaningful, and to reinstate democracy and transparency for our community.

Ray Field

Nicola Keen


My name is Nicola Keen and I am one of two Labour candidates standing in the forthcoming District elections in the Harbour Ward.

I hope that when you cast your vote in the forthcoming district elections that you will give myself and my colleague Ray Field your Labour candidates the chance to improve the lives of people in Folkestone and Hythe.

I have been an active member of the Labour Party since I was a teenager and have always had a great interest in local government.  I feel that we can make significant changes to improve people daily lives.

I am a member of Unison and an active trade unionist.  Over the years I have held various posts at Branch Officer level representing my branch regionally and nationally.  I am also a Snr Steward, so am no stranger to standing up to represent, defend and negotiate for peoples rights.

I have worked in social care in local government for 25 years and deal with people as a front-line practitioner daily.

My priorities if elected would be to improve the services available to the residences of Folkestone.  We need better/more provisions for our young and elderly, better local transport, improvements to our sports centres, more youth provisions and safe spaces. We also need improvements to social housing stock that has been left to fall into decay, more affordable and social housing for the young of the town who struggle to find good quality affordable properties to rent. Year on year we are seeing an increase in the amount of people living in substandard housing that often affects their health or they are living on the streets and this is not acceptable.

Nicola Keen

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