Have Your Say – Libraries Opening Times

Kent County Council want to reduce the number of hours public libraries are open in order to save money. They propose that the library service within the constituency be reduced by a total of at least 79 hours a week:

  • Cheriton down from 45 to 28 hours per week (-17)
  • Folkestone down from 61 to 43 hours per week (-18)
  • Hythe down from 53 to 37 hours per week (-16)
  • Lydd down from 27 to 23 hours per week (-4)
  • Lyminge up from 22 to 28 hours per week (+6)
  • New Romney down from 45 to 28 hours per week (-17)
  • Wood Avenue down from 36 to 23 hours per week (-13)

These cuts from the Conservative led County Council contradict Theresa May’s and the Conservative government’s claim that “austerity is over”.

Local libraries are an important community resource and are some peoples only means of social contact and access to the internet. This will be particularly difficult for those claiming Universal Credit, which can only be done online and claimants potentially face being sanctioned.

Reduced hours will also hit the vulnerable, the disabled and those with mobility problems as they may find it difficult to access the reduced service especially with the now reduced bus service.

If you care for your library please use it and please respond to the consultation. The consultation closes on January 29th 2019.

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