If you want to support schools don’t buy The Sun

Statement from Laura Davison in support of local schools not collecting The Sun’s “Books for Schools” tokens.

“I am so pleased so hear from local parents that at least one Folkestone primary school has made a deliberate decision not to participate in The Sun newspaper’s ‘Books for Schools’ campaign. This promotion requires a school to collect a huge number of tokens (3,500 ) printed in the newspaper in order to claim a box of books (published by the publisher’s sister company Harper Collins).
It is obvious that promotional efforts of this sort are intended to boost circulation figures. And it so happens that the promotional period runs over the course of the current General Election campaign, meaning that the political views of The Sun could reach an increased readership among families during this time.

To get the books for schoolchildren, parents and carers are incentivised to buy extra copies of a newspaper that has attracted criticism many times over the years.

My sympathies are with the schools and the families. The National Education Union has calculated that 38 of the 45 schools in the Folkestone & Hythe constituency are losing funding, with an average loss per pupil of £249 over 2019. Most of the primary schools in this area have large shortfalls, several exceeding £100,000.

The Conservative government has slashed school budgets and there is a generation of children paying the price for austerity. The only solution is to fund our children’s education properly.”